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Monday 24th, February 2014 / 10:01 Published by
PLP MP Fred Mitchell

Fred Mitchell

Let me say at the very beginning that I support gay rights and applaud Fred Mitchell’s fight for these rights during his public career. I also oppose the discrimination against gays and lesbians and the backward and intolerant views of many Bahamians on this.

The comments by FNM Foreign Affairs spokesman Hubert Chipman on Fred Mitchell speaking about gay rights at a forum in Trinidad were silly and most unfortunate. Chipman has not been an impressive spokesman in the least.

On a human rights issue such as gay rights The Bahamas should speak up just as it does on other human rights issues. Chipman’s views were small-minded and narrow-minded. He might know plenty about accounting, but he knows very little about foreign affairs.

Having said all of this, Mitchell is mistaken that his views on this issue have seriously harmed his political career. While this may be the case for some people, Mitchell’s career has been affected much more by the kind of mean and nasty politics he gets involved in. Many see him as being a political opportunist.

Fred Mitchell is not a party man. He will go wherever he gets the best political deal. Don’t forget that Hubert Ingraham appointed him as an independent senator. There was talk that he wanted an FNM nomination at one time. Many people don’t trust him and believe that he is only about his own political ambitions.

During this time in office he is even more intolerant of criticism and constantly and harshly lashing out at anyone who disagrees with him. He doesn’t have the kind of charm and approachability in politics of a Sir Lynden or Perry Christie.

Many people in The Bahamas don’t want him as prime minister mostly because of these reasons. These are the same reasons that most people in the PLP don’t want him to lead the party.

By:  Concerned Citizen

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