VAT and PLP On Shaky Ground

Wednesday 26th, February 2014 / 09:57 Published by

On shaky groundThe revelation by The Nassau Guardian last week that the government’s chief advocate for value-added tax, Ishmael Lightbourne, has been dodging property taxes for at least a decade has been a major blow to the government’s tax reform campaign.

It is embarrassing and raises questions about the state of tax collections in The Bahamas, and the credibility of the message.

Are members of Parliament and other people in public life leading by example by making certain their taxes are paid and that they are obeying all laws, including the ones that require them to make annual disclosures of their assets?

The government is asking all of us to dig a little deeper into our pockets to help get our national financial house in order.

But more revelations like the one we made on Lightbourne would only create anger and discourage people from buying into the VAT message, which is already on shaky ground.

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