PLP Government: Powerless or Corrupt

Friday 14th, February 2014 / 08:42 Published by

Government CorruptionPlease allow me to vent my frustration or rather exercise my freedom of speech against the Bahamas government.

While I understand it is common practice for a government to raise taxes steadily in order to keep up with inflation and the expansion of society, I must question our government’s commitment to the people of the Bahamas.

A few months ago, we had a referendum in which the majority of persons voted to ban the legalisation of gambling. Yet, (months later), every number shop is still in business. In fact, more have been opened since the election. So in essence the government is either powerless to shut them down or simply corrupt.

So now here we are, staring down the barrel of a VAT tax which clearly goes against the will of the people. Yet, the government says, This law will pass July 1, 2014?  I have a problem with this.

Is the Bahamas Government for sale to the highest bidder? Either close down the number houses first then pass the law or tax the number houses (since you seem powerless to close them) and leave the VAT tax dormant.

Either you are for the majority of the people or for the wealthy few. We just celebrated Majority Rule Day. I am still trying to understand what does the majority really rule and what are they in control of.

Seems like the current government has lost the mandate, the mission and the vision for which our founding fathers have fought so hard to accomplish.

May God help the Bahamas if this law goes through.

By: Andy Ferguson

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