Thieves Target New Providence Farmers

Monday 10th, February 2014 / 10:23 Published by

VegetablesFarmers in New Providence for the past 10 to 15 years have suffered massive losses from a ring or gang of thieves that target farms.

Farmers and their own farm helpers have been robbed at gunpoint. Thieves and robbers are taking advantage of remote locations of farms to terrorise farmers.

Livestock farmers from Coral Harbour to Bonefish Pond continue to lose livestock everyday. Animals are often killed on site. Pregnant animals and animals nursing young ones are being slaughtered.

One farmer over the Christmas holiday lost ten goats (six pregnant), eight pigs and five sheep. The number of lost animals have devastated his farming operation.

Farmers planting young fruit trees have returned to their farms to find all newly planted trees uprooted and stolen.

There is a group of vendors and small shops in the Cowpen and Carmichael Road areas that support thieves that blatantly harvest and sell stolen fruits and vegetables.

Farmers continue to report animals and crops being slaughtered and stolen to the police without any results.

Police very seldom or never ever make an arrest for stolen farm products.

Farmers throughout the farming areas in New Providence are frustrated and many have discontinued their farming operation due to thieves. Unless the Ministry of Agriculture and the police address this matter, farming in New Providence will cease to exist.

By:  Michael Adderley
“Hurting Farmer”

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