Tourists Take Resort To Task Over ‘Nightmare Trip’

Tuesday 25th, February 2014 / 10:34 Published by
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A Group of Canadian tourists took to international media to criticise the Memories Grand Bahama Beach and Casino Resort over their “nightmare trip”.

According to the Toronto Sun, tourists felt that they were “guinea pigs for their (resort) failed opening” alleging that some doors didn’t lock, taps had no hot water, and there was a shortage of toilet paper.

It read: “A number of jilted vacationers contacted QMI Agency to complain about the nightmare trip to the Memories Grand Bahama Beach and Casino Resort. QMI has learned that the hotel was not ready to accommodate travellers.

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5 Comments on “Tourists Take Resort To Task Over ‘Nightmare Trip’

  • Amanda's Travel Service

    Screw these Canadians, my travel company warning them about the Bahamas and what a waste of time and money this country is. I’m glad they had a terrible time, next time they will listen to someone who has traveled the World and knows what places to stay away from; like the Bahamas.

    • “Amanda’s Travel Service”, whoever you are… If that’s the way you treat your customer, I’ll never do business with you. I don’t know if you have ever been to the Bahamas, they are more than 1 island… and where in the world have you been travelling?

      I’ve been going to the Bahamas every year for the past 10/15 years. It’s a beautiful country and we meet very nice people.

      • You’re right Diane C, if you like trashy beaches, rude people, drunks and drug addicts harassing you 24/7 and high crime rates; the Bahamas is for you. And don’t cry when you loose a family member to one of these animals destroying this place.

        • Diane C is just another Bahamian travel agent or Bahamian realtor trying to sell you their country off as a Paradise, when in fact it’s a drug dealers war zone. Read the Bahamian newspapers, there’s a murder at least once a day. The gangs are fighting to control the drug trade with the help of their government officials who are as corrupt as the dealers themselves.


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