Documentary Highlights Concerns Over Burning Garbage

Friday 21st, March 2014 / 09:24 Published by

Video Highlights Concerns Over Burning Garbage

In an effort to raise awareness about the noxious effects of the smoke released by the garbage continuing to burn at the city dump, RABL (Raising Awareness about the Bahamian Landfill) has releasing a short documentary which illustrates the adverse effects of these emissions on resident’s health and the environment.

The short documentary that was released this week, illustrates the vast amount of trash produced in New Providence, the poor management of the city dump and the consequences of this on the environment and health.

Taking inspiration from other similar films about plastic pollution published in other countries, the members of the group said they wanted to create something specifically for Bahamians – a video to describe the Bahamian reality.

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1 Comments on “Documentary Highlights Concerns Over Burning Garbage

  • Kevin from Mississippi

    Trash for trash, this is what it looks like when a nation no longer cares about it’s own homeland or God. I used to visit the Bahamas in the 80’s until my brother was shot and killed for the gold cross he was wearing at the time. I hope that murderer (who was never caught) is questioned by God on the final day. “Why did you murder his brother for a gold cross that represents his Lord and Savior?” I hope I am there when that question is asked of him or her.


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