Flagrant Disregard For The Law By Politicians

Tuesday 11th, March 2014 / 09:29 Published by

Bahamian Members of Parliamen

In the context of respect for the rule of law, many parliamentarians over the years have come up short.

The matter of accountability was thrust back into public consciousness with our recent revelations about the government’s chief value-added tax advocate and his failure to pay real property taxes over more than 20 years.

While the prime minister remains quiet on the issue of Ishmael Lightbourne, the call for accountability has expanded well beyond that controversy and into a broader discussion of accountability among public officials.

While there has been push back from these officials in the face of public demands for politicians to disclose their tax statuses, the issue of the disclosure — or lack thereof — of their income, assets and liabilities also warrant a review.

But adhering to the Public Disclosure Act is not the priority of many parliamentarians. Their flagrant disregard for the law often goes unreported and unchallenged.

Many of those who make laws are in fact lawbreakers themselves.

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