Fred Mitchell’s Gay Agenda

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fred-mitchellThere are some who are ardent supporters of the gay agenda and lifestyle to the extent that they see themselves as the final arbiters of intelligence and common sense.

The current back and forth with Pastor Myles Munroe and Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell is a clear display that those who speak of equality and human rights are very intolerant when it comes to “looking at what the public is seeing”.

The public often makes the mistake of seeing the arguments as being equal, and Mitchell is very persuasive in his presentations of what is fair; but he fails to make sense when you look for a moral basis that can be fairly applied, especially as those with a “preferential moral responsibility” want to set the rules for everyone else.

Although he continues to overstep the boundaries of his office when he is on a “particular” subject, he seems to have the full support of his party; and strange to many, even the chairman. The public has been comforted in some respects to see that all in the party do not agree with Mitchell and Bradley Roberts, but knowing the political nature of the people we elect this may be all show.

There can never be equality when it comes to same-sex partnerships and heterosexual partnerships. The former, if taken to its logical conclusion, results in extinction; there may be an argument for the amount of care that is espoused by those who support the LGBTIQA (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered, intersexual, queer and allied) agenda, but the argument fails when they attempt to cross the line by telling the heterosexual population that they are “homophobic” because they object to their children being indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle through “sensitivity programming”.

Mitchell is trying to get his foot in the door of public perception, but he is going to need a cast for that leg if he continues (figurative expression). Here are the arguments that he and those who support the gay lifestyle will never have an answer for: If some persons are born homosexuals, why would those who object have to be indoctrinated? Why the two dads or two moms programs? And, if some persons are born homosexuals, why do we have persons who “were homosexual” and are now “straight”?

The biggest problem in the human race is selfishness and this is applicable to all people and those inclinations are not restricted to one’s sexual orientation; but when preferences and methods are seen as obligatory without a transcendent framework that can be applied equally to all, there is going to be a problem. If a Christian minority is facing daily opposition in promoting what is morally right, can the LGBTIQA expect any less with an agenda that is diametrically opposed?

Mitchell and those who support his efforts should take their cues from what is going on inside this country instead of looking abroad for excuses, as they are fully aware that the societal cultures that they are importing their “impetus” from are fracturing and imploding. The tail cannot wag the dog.

Under the guise of having a rational discussion, the minister of foreign affairs is seeking to introduce a perspective to this country that will not gain traction. He has complained of his political career being hindered because of his views on this issue. He should have sense enough to know that this conversation has more depth than his superficial complaining.

By: Edward Hutcheson

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