PLP is a Party of Warped Moral Values

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It is ironic that a story of PLP MP Leslie Miller making an unfunny joke about him abusing a girlfriend appeared on the same page with a story of a man who was convicted of sodomizing a pregnant woman in 2011. What is even more troubling is that his PLP colleagues responded to his sordid humor with chuckles.

Not one single PLP has publically condemned Miller’s words as distasteful and an affront to the thousands of women living in this country. Even PLP female parliamentarians such as Melanie Griffin, Glenys Hanna-Martin and Hope Strachan have decided to remain mum on the matter in their obvious loyalty to the PLP. They care more about their party than the plight of women in this country.

The PLP cares more about the Peter Nygards and the wealthy numbers men. The Whistleblower cannot figure the PLP, which has become nothing more than a blight on the political landscape of The Bahamas and which has a track record of being a sexist party. Yet, it continues to enjoy the support of thousands of women.

Miller always gets away with making disturbing comments and gaffes in the House of Assembly. It was last year that he stood up in the House and accused a Bahamian citizen of murder. Yet, the PLP leadership never reprimanded him. The Whistleblower is now convinced that Prime Minister Perry Christie is afraid of Miller and other MPs such as Fred Mitchell, Obie Wilchcombe, Philip Brave Davis, to name but a few. Miller’s latest comments reinforce the notion that the PLP is a party of warped moral values and a skewed moral compass.

The party seems hell-bent on defending the indefensible. We have Mitchell valiantly championing the cause of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender lobby, despite most Bahamians’ opposition to homosexuality. Mitchell went as far as insulting Dr. Myles Munroe as ignorant. This is a man who has travelled extensively preaching the Bible and promoting The Bahamas. But instead of chiding Mitchell for insulting a man of the cloth, PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts came in defense of his political comrade.

And then there’s State Finance Minister Michael Halkitis defending a tax dodger who owes tens of thousands of dollars to the state, plus defending valued added-tax (VAT) – a tax system which will crush the poor and marginalized, despite the opposition to VAT from many businessmen, such as Rupert Roberts. In defending the tax dodger, PLP MP Shane Gibson threatened to reveal the names of all FNM politicians who are tax dodgers, as if this would justify the PLP tax dodger. If there are FNM tax dodgers, then they too should be hauled before the courts.

In light of the many incidents of women being abused and even murdered in this country by men, the PLP owes the women in this country an apology for Miller’s disturbing comments. But The Whistleblower wouldn’t hold his breath for one.

By: The Whistleblower

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  • You people are sick! Abuse of women is funny to you!? No wonder the U.S. travel dept. has been advertising on the news to stay away from the Bahamas. And you call yourselves a religious nation, you make a mockery of God; wait till judgment time comes around. “You can’t hide from the father of creation”…. Bob Marley


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