Poor Defense By Prime Minister

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perryThe prime minister is my long-time personal friend and once or twice a “benefactor” but his recent contribution on the mid-year budget is a gross mockery. He was wrong, pure and simple, with his boorishness and absolutely fakery in seeking to defend the indefensible position of Ishmael “good Christian” Lightbourne over the non-payment of his legitimate real property taxes.

I empathize with Lightbourne but he is not above the law and he must be made to either resign or consign the bulk of his consultancy fees, in a very public way. I do not worship at the altar of Perry Christie and never will. I could care less that he waxed eloquently about second chances because all he was doing was talking to the unsuspecting and gullible public gallery.

Christie, just like Hubert Ingraham, means the average Bahamian, in my view, little or no good. They will talk a good talk but check it out. Their era has passed and it is time for both of them to go, finally.

Will Branville McCartney and crew make a real difference? I doubt it, as he is an individual with messianic delusions of the highest order. Yes, he might mean well, but, realistically, are he and his merry band demonstrating a clear and real difference?

The Bahamas is between a rock and a very hard place. The party of which he is the nominal leader has not had national elections in almost two years. Is he yet another one-man band or is he a self-appointed “leader for the duration”?

As a Bahamian I am sick and tired of the same shaving cream. Don’t come around me talking a good talk with absolutely no substance. They, so far, have all proven to be cut from the same cloth.

Lightbourne owes taxes and, as such, he is the last man who should be advocating the imposition of new taxes, much less the payment of outstanding taxes. Second chances are one thing but, come on, hypocrisy of the highest order disguised as a Sunday school teacher?

To God then, in all things, be the glory.

By: Ortland H. Bodie Jr.

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3 Comments on “Poor Defense By Prime Minister

  • “Written by concerned citizen”, you of all people must know how the Top Guns live, your conscience must be getting the better of you my fellow being. You see how the rest of your nation is suffering, their desperation that has brought Bahamian against Bahamian. Your friends, the Top Guns, tell you their acts, their actions. I tell you, I’m proud of you, you have shown that you care about the Bahamas, your homeland, put your neck on the line for what is right. Pharaoh! let my people go!

  • In the USA the taxman can even bring down the President if he doesn’t pay his taxes. In China he’s shot and the government bills the family for the bullet that was used to kill him. In Japan they take everything you own and sell it, shame the family publicly, even though they may have nothing to do with it. And in Iran, they hang you as they stone you to death. But not in the Bahamas! Hell no!….hahaha!…..It’s so funny it hurts! As long as you have a friend, or the money to fix those little problems that sometimes come up in life, you’re in the door. But if it was a regular Bahamian who has less then $10,000 as their life savings in their bank account, which most don’t even have $3,000. Man!, that poor person would be thrown in jail in a heart beat. Come on! they fault their wealth in your faces, break their own laws for their friends and themselves as your country continues to down fall. No wonder you’re at each others throats, it’s called Communism!

    • All I have to say about this corrupt way of governing that has taken place in the Bahamas for so long, no matter who is chosen to run it, has to stop. It is forseen that it’s coming to a terrible end, teenagers as young as 15 dying for no reason, unheard of! The Bahamas needs outside help, stop saying we can fix it ourselves, we haven’t! I’m telling you, most of all my friends have moved or are in process of selling and moving out of Freeport. We are headed for an economical disaster because our corrupt government’s greed is more important to them than the crime problem destroying our way of living.


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