‘Splash…The Bahamas in Flowers’

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”Splash…The Bahamas in Flowers,” a standard flower show and plant sale, is set for 2:30 p.m.  to 6 p.m., Saturday, March 22 at the Nassau Yacht Club. Admission is free.

bahamas-flowers-art-0059“As this is our first standard show in 10 years, our members are really excited and working hard to pull off our best show ever in our 54 years as a garden club,” reports Ms. Caroline Albury, Show Chairman and Past President of the International Garden Club( ICG).  She explains that the term, “Standard Flower Show” is the official title of a flower show conforming to standards established by National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC).

Preparations are in final stages, according to Ms. Albury with a final working meeting set for Wednesday, March 19. Members have enjoyed a year of events designed to make the show momentous, from attending the Philadelphia Flower Show to workshops conducted locally by visiting experts.

“We have such talented designers and growers in our club, including Janet Brown, Bobbi Pyfrom, Erica Bower, Susan Roberts and in the second generation, Cousins Caroline Albury, Charlotte Constantakis, and Susan Davies,” says Sara Parker, Past President. “It’s so good to give them a venue to show their talents.”

“These are not just arrangements.  They are sculptures using flowers and plant material as the medium,” comments Chandra Parker, another second generation member, who won her first arranging trophy at about age 8.

Design “SPLASH”

  • “Splash” Design classes include:
  • “Bahama Breeze,”  a design on a breakfast tray;
  • “Junkanoo”, an informal functional table design;
  • “Casino Nights”, an exhibition table;
  • Judges Invitational “Walking the Plank”, a creative horizontal line design;
  • “Island Hopping, a synergistic design;
  • “Ocean Jewels”, an underwater design;
  • “Conch’n”, a still life design;
  • “Sunset,” a reflective creative design staged at eye level in a 5” niche;
  • “Beach Combing” a creative design staged at eye level in a 5” niche;
  • “Rake n Scrape’ , a creative design staged at eye level in an   8” niche.

Design awards, given to the highest scoring exhibits in eligible classes, include: The Table Artistry Award in functional and exhibition table classes; Designers Choice Award, for creative classes; Petite Award for miniature or small designs; and Award of Design Excellence, awarded to the highest scoring exhibit in the entire Design Division.

bahamas-flowers-art-14Horticultural Splash

The Horticulture section of “Splash” can be expected to offer spectacular orchids, bromeliads desert  roses and ferns along with hibiscus the size of dinner plates, according to Susan Davies, Entries Chairman for the division.

Plants or cuttings earning 95 points or more are eligible for awards including: the coveted Award of Horticultural Excellence, for the highest scoring exhibit in the entire Horticultural Division; Awards of Merit, awarded to the highest scoring exhibit in  divisions for roses, hibiscus, bromeliads, other perennials, vines and climbing plants; the Arboreal Award for the top scoring plant in sections for flowering and non flowering trees and shrubs; and the Grower’s Choice Award to the top three plants in  container grown foliage plants, flowering plants or plants with colourful bracts and succulents and cacti.

Members of the Splash committee include: Show Chairman Caroline Albury, Horticulture Schedule  Chairman  Caroline Albury, Design Schedule Chairman  Caroline Albury, Staging Chairman Lee Ogilvie, Horticulture Entries Chairman  Susan Davies, Design Entries Chairman Charlotte Constantakis, Horticulture Classification Chairman Sara Parker, Design Classification Chairman  Bobbi Pyfrom, Horticulture Placement Chairman  Debbie Krukowski, Design  Placement Chairman  Lee Ogilvie, Judges Chairman  Caroline Albury, Clerks Chairman   Annabel Hammond, Consultant Chairman  Lee Ogilvie,

Awards Chairman  Caroline Albury ,  Publicity Chairman Caroline Albury,
Hospitality Chairman  Barbra Rose.
A plant sale will be conducted by Coolidge Cartwright, Nature’s Way and David Higgs.

The “Splash” tea is already sold out.

Founded in 1960, The International Garden Club strives to “promote interest in and knowledge of gardening and of all things relating to the enjoyment of the natural beauty of The Bahama Islands” and to “encourage the promotion of friendship and understanding among persons of all races and nationalities who share our interest in gardening.”

As outlined by NGC, “The purposes of a Standard Flower Show are to educate club members and the viewing public, to stimulate interest in horticulture and floral design, to provide an outlet for creative expression, and to convey to the community the objectives of NGC.”


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