47 Cats: Bahamas Humane Society Pleas for Help

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In November, 2013 the Bahamas Humane Society responded to a desperate plea for help from the owner of 47 cats who was about to be evicted unless she removed them immediately.  Now the BHS is making its own plea for your help in finding them homes.

The cats were cooped up in a small apartment, living in cupboards, dressers, on top of wardrobes, being fed off the floor and, without litter pans, being left with no option but to urinate and defecate on the floor. They had to live in squalor and stench until, through the landlord’s intervention, the hoarder was forced to surrender them to the Bahamas Humane Society. The cats were timid and very scared of strangers. It was no easy or pleasant task to catch and remove them. However, despite the appalling conditions under which the cats had lived, they had all been well fed and were big and healthy.

On their arrival at the BHS shelter they were vaccinated, neutered / spayed, dewormed and housed together temporarily in the small outdoor covered Kitten Annex (above) where, although in very cramped quarters, they have been able to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

They have all socialized to different degrees, some are affectionate, talkative and playful, and others remain timid, keep their distance but no longer run away and hide. They all use the litter boxes provided and keep themselves very clean.

For five months they have been cared for at BHS. Of the original 47, 15 have found good and secure homes…the remainder are desperately waiting for somewhere to go.

The less socialized ones are better suited to warehouse or farm life and can and should go in small groups, so they can remain together whilst they hunt, although they will still need to be supplied with dry cat food, and fresh water daily. The others are more house cat oriented and once they have shelter outside can also be an indoor-outdoor cat.

However spring is here and the Kitten Annex is now desperately needed to accommodate the influx of newcomers.

If we cannot home these 32 cats, and as we know that they do not thrive in the captivity of a small cat annex… the BHS will be forced to put them to sleep.

They have never done anything wrong, they were born because the hoarder could not afford to have her original cats fixed, though she could have come to the Bahamas Humane Society and we would have helped her…

These big handsome cats only need some freedom, food and fresh water and a quiet safe place to sleep…not much to ask for…please, if you own a warehouse, business, stables or farm and you think you can take in four or more cats…or if you can offer a kind home to any single one of them please, call us at 242 323 5138.

We can deliver them, and help you settle them in….Please help us give these poor animals, who fell prey to hoarding, a chance at life before it is too late!

There will be no charge….A bag of cat food will accompany them to their new home.

By Bahamas Humane Society (BHS)

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