Bernard Nottage Just Doesn’t ‘Get It’

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nottageMinister of National Security Dr. Bernard Nottage recently said that gang leaders in the country have racked up so much street credential that they are now acting like charities in certain communities.

Nottage was speaking to a small group of students and young professionals at the 2nd Annual Consultation on Youth, Crime and Violence.

According to Dr. Nottage, the leaders of these organised crime groups become friendly with some parents, giving them whatever they need but in turn making the young men in those families feeling obligated to join their gangs.

He recalled his encounter with one of those gang leaders as he campaigned in 2012.

“The famous gang leader in that area was going house to house just like me,” he said.

“I would go and ask for my vote, while they would go and ask if the families need anything. If they needed anything they would get it. That’s how they recruited young people and got their support. People talk about politicians buying ham and turkey for people. For the gang leaders, that’s small things.”

But there is another group of organised criminals that Nottage seems to cozy up to… illegal numbers racketeers.

It apparently escapes Mr Nottage that the numbers kingpins do to politicians, exactly what the gang leaders do to inner city families.  They become friendly with politicians, giving them whatever they need, but in turn making the politicians feel obligated to the kingpins, who ask for and receive special treatment. Big campaign contributions comes to mind.

This might even be more destructive to Bahamian society than gang leaders, as it corrupt politicians, perverts the justice system and threatens the financial integrity of the nation.

Bernard Nottage’s morals and ethics are so out of whack, it makes one wonder if he shouldn’t resign and get out of politics altogether.

By: Concerned Citizen

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