China and the Bahamas To Launch Tourism Program

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Extensive consultation has been undertaken with the tourism industry and across government and industry in both China and the Bahamas to guide the development of a Two Center Tourism Program with the Chinese tourist traveling to both the United States and Canada.

The United States and Canada remain the top destinations visited by out bound Chinese travelers with a very close proximity to the Island of the Bahamas creating a feasible travel system between the neighboring countries. A Two Center Program will allow travelers to visit destinations in both Canada and The United States whiles adding the Bahamas on their travel package with only one itinerary.

Considering the absence of a direct flight from China to the Bahamas and the distance in travel, this program capitalizes on travelers visiting near the Bahamas with direct flight coming out of their visiting destination into the Bahamas. Aviation remains critical in our mission to expand the Bahamas tourism product into the China outbound tourism market, we are confident that such a program will facilitate the necessary demand for a direct flight to the Bahamas. Bahamaren plays a targeted strategic role in the aviation arena in China, using existing partnerships to help build demand and grow competitive and sustainable aviation capacity.  Our company has begun strengthening our program by working along with over 50 travel agencies in mainland China and Hong Kong also building stronger relationships with global carriers through marketing and distribution and developing strategies to build aviation capacity on key strategic routes to ensure we have the right capacity for the right markets to deliver.

We are confident that our company’s Two Center Program will create healthy loads both in and out of the Bahamas are increasing the Bahamas’s attractiveness to carriers when they are developing new routes. The Bahamas is well positioned to take advantage of this recent Chinese outbound growth. The Bahamas popularity in China grew over last year with Chinese becoming more interested in doing business, making investments, buying real estate, and traveling to the Bahamas.  Our company will continue to develop a strong and unique brand positioning for the Bahamas in China by expanding into growth cities and provinces, targeting best-prospect consumer segments, and strengthening Bahamas’ marketing in China.

Over the last month our company has begun the process of hiring Bahamian Mandarin speakers to carry out local tours. In an addition to hiring local Mandarin speakers our company looks forward to releasing a Bahamas tour book in Mandarin for individuals learning the language wanting to take advantage of new employment opportunities.  We are continuing in our efforts to enhance the quality of the visitor experience by working with the tourism industry to increase Chinese language services, improve the range and quality of tourism experiences available, and strengthen the capability and capacity of the sector.

Bahamaren will continue to align tourism investments with the Chinese visitor market by working with the tourism industry to refresh priority tourist attractions and the private sector to attract new investment and infrastructure development, to position the Bahamas for strong tourism growth.

Photo Caption CEO of Bahamaren Latrae Rahming and Dr. Wang Xinjun, CEO, Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting


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