Woman’s Body Found in Waters off Potter’s Cay Dock

Friday 04th, April 2014 / 10:54 Published by

kill-murder-outline-crimeA woman’s body was discovered floating in waters near Potter’s Cay Dock yesterday morning.

Police suspect she had drowned.

Superintendent Stephen Dean said the body appeared to have been in the water overnight.

Dean said fishermen called the police after seeing the body between two boats at the harbor.

Officers retrieved it from the water around 10:45 a.m.

Dean said the woman is believed to be in her 40s.

A family friend on the scene said the woman was a straw vendor with one daughter.

Her daughter was also on the scene. However, she was too distraught to speak to reporters.

“She’s a very nice person,” the family friend said.

She said the woman could not swim.

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3 Comments on “Woman’s Body Found in Waters off Potter’s Cay Dock

  • I feel sorry for every women in this country, my heart goes out to all of you. It seems human rights doesn’t exists in the Bahamas, the evil of men deny it.

  • I stayed on a boat for 4 months that belonged to Raymond Barr. It was the outermost boat on the water tied to about 4 other boats close to the Fast Ferry dock. Men constantly tried to force me into prostitution. I was and still am celibate. So they continued the lie that was started by Dr. Myles Munroe that I was a lesbian. So threats against me were constant.

    I was out of work because of these lies that even my family got involved in and so begged for a dollar for food sometimes all day. The fishermen went out of their way to make sure no one gave me anything who was around the docks.
    There was a white prostitute on a boat that I was directly tied to. She always knew when someone was in trouble and about to be killed. Usually it was because of failure to pay a drug lord, especially the one she frequented who lives on the end of a bend with a high dirty wall around his home. He always has men standing outside the gate and inside the gate.

    Boats brought in fish, conch and marijuana from Andros Island. Police officers and Defense force officers were being paid off. It is a crime stronghold out there. Rape is common, murder, theft, prostitution and a whole lot of drugs.
    I had to leave after hearing Barr laughing and talking with men on a boat close to mine about why they had not come on board the boat I was on to rape me yet. It was because I was on the outside far out into the water and close to all the lights near the Fast Ferry that I was too visible to those on Bay Street. Barr later came to tell me he was moving the boat onshore. The area he told me he was moving to had no lights at all.


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