Bimini Dredging Halted By Privy Council

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High court grants injunction to Bimini Blue Coalition; developers must demonstrate they have satisfied all conditions under the law

The controversial dredging operation in Bimini, which concerned citizens say is threatening some of the most pristine and ecologically significant reefs in the region, has been brought to a halt with the granting of an injunction by the Privy Council in London.

The order to stop all dredging activities, which went into effect immediately, will stay in place until the developers, Resorts World Bimini (RWB), can demonstrate they have satisfied all the conditions for a the granting of a permit under the Conservation and Protection of the Physical Landscape of the Bahamas Act (CPPLB).

Declaring a major victory for advocacy group Bimini Blue Coalition (BBC), their lawyer Fred Smith, QC, said: “This is a significant step in the effort to save the vital natural resources of Bimini and defend the integrity of the rule of law in The Bahamas. Hopefully, political leaders will come to realize that they do not have the right to bypass the safeguards and protections built into our laws when granting approvals to developers. We are very happy with the court’s decision, and will continue to hold the government’s feet to the fire in an effort to protect the interests of Bimini’s unique community and precious environment.”

Since the start of dredging last month, a number of environmental scientists and dive experts have said the cloud of silt seen trailing away from the mammoth dredger ‘Niccolo Machiavelli’ will settle on Bimini’s pristine coral reefs and suffocate the island’s rich underwater ecosystem, a cruicial nursery for some of the country’s most important fisheries and marine resources.

The developer has said its management plan will prevent environmental fallout, but BBC produced images purporting to show that the silt curtains erected to contain the sediment produced by the dredging have failed.

In its ruling, the Privy Council noted that the RWB development was a controversial one, and that the environmental aspects are not ideal.

Lawyers for BBC argued that the dredging was being carried out contrary to the provisions of the CPPLB. The position of the developers and government was that the dredging did not fall within the ambit of the Act, which refers to “excavation”.

The Privy Council ruled that contrary to the view of the Court of Appeal in Nassau, which rejected an injunction application on Monday, dredging does fall within the meaning of excavation outlined in the act, although not included in the primary definition.

The court also ruled that the approval given by the minister for lands and surveys (Prime Minister Christie) in his capacity as landowner on January 23, 2014, was not a valid permit.

The Law Lords noted that after asking for and being granted a day’s adjournment, lawyers for the government and developer yesterday produced a permit under the Act, dated the day before.

However, that permit can only be issued subject to certain conditions, and even if this were not the case, the court found, there would still be cause for concern.

The Lords noted that before granting the permit, the Director of Physical Planning should have listened to objections and taken them into account. Given the last-minute nature of the document, and the lack of evidence as to whether there was compliance with the conditions, a question-mark hangs over its validity, they said.

The court also noted that although the developers only applied for a permit under the Act at the last minute, it can be said in their favor that up until then, Bahamian authorities had told them the document was unnecessary.

The ruling also took into consideration that BBC is not in a position to give an undertaking to pay damages should they lose, while the developer is facing considerable costs per day.

But, the court said, had the injunction not been granted, it would have undermined the underlying judicial review of the entire development, which is currently stayed in the Bahamas Supreme Court pending the outcome of an appeal concerning security costs.

The Lords noted that the injunction is not unconnected with the underlying judicial review, and that BBC represents individuals who live and work in Bimini and will be affected by the development.

They also pointed out that Resorts World Bimini can be said to have begun the dredging with their eyes open and at their own risk, as the judicial review was already in place and the developers themselves gave an undertaking not to dredge without permits.

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Caption: Concerned citizens say the cloud of silt seen trailing away from the mammoth dredger ‘Niccolo Machiavelli’ will settle on Bimini’s pristine coral reefs and suffocate the island’s rich marine ecosystem. The Privy Council in London has granted an injunction to halt the dredging until the developers show they have satisfied all the conditions for a permit stipulated by law.


4 Comments on “Bimini Dredging Halted By Privy Council

  • OMG, why are they doing this? Please, you break my heart. We had our honeymoon in Bimini, and it wasn’t because of casinos, it was because of the unspoiled beauty! Why are you doing this to Bimini? The comment above is right, anytime you build casinos in a town, that town goes to hell. Have these people doing this to the coral reefs ever snorkeled there, have they ever swam with the fish and felt the clear warm water on their skin!? No @#$%%@##$$% way this could be! Holy shit! wait till I tell my wife, she’s going to flip!

  • From that photo above alone, you don’t need a diploma in engineering to see the uncontrolled slit. Once that lands on live coral, it will choke it, just like smoke chokes a human. But the only difference is that smoke fades away, slit won’t. Shameful how greed overcomes beauty in the Bahamas, sad to see Bimini go. Soon all the islands will suffer at the hands of a few greedy crooks.

  • Bimini gone forever

    Say goodbye to Bimini, and the Bahamas can say good bye to the tourists who used to visit Bimini every year; like me. Your Prime Minister thinks everyone is a gambling fool, clear as day is his destructive agenda, greed without remorse. What God created millions of years ago, this bastard is destroying in months. And after the casinos fail and all the gambling fools are gone, are you going to put everything back the way it was since the beginning of time? What a greedy rat, the worse PM in Bahamian history.

    • So sad, I’m going to miss this place. Look at what happened in New Jersey. The beach town known as Atlantic City was a great place to be in the summer. Now with casinos everywhere it has become a place of high crime, homeless on every corner and property value dropped by 70%. And the town you have to drive through to get to Atlantic City is as bad as Nassau; sad. Thank God I still have Cayman Islands to go to, I hope they never destroy their country as the Bahamas is doing.


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