Deputy PM: Pay MPs More So They Stop Stealing From You

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Deputy PM: More pay would stop politicians doing wrong

In one of the stupidest things he said, since explaining that he was “providing legal advice” when police found him with a prostitute in his car at 3:00am, Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis’  said that Bahamian politicians need an increase in pay so they won’t be tempted to take bribes and steal the public’s money.

Mr Davis told a reporter that: “(it would) remove the temptation for politicians to do things that are not right. Because if they (MPs) are earning a living by doing this, then there would be no need for them to do anything else, I think that’s what the Bahamian public has to understand.”

The fact that they were elected to serve the public with honesty and integrity apparently does not matter.

In other words, Davis admits that Bahamian politicians are, for the most part, greedy and crooked.  But he says paying them more will make them stop.

Can you imagine if an employee of Super Value came to Rupert Roberts and told him that he would steal less from the store if he received a raise.

How fast would that idiot be shown the door?

In response, Free National Movement Deputy Chairman Dr Duane Sands said the government must set in motion radical changes to procedures of accountability before salary increases for Members of Parliament are considered.

Well, DUH!

Dr Sands told the Tribune that the Bahamian economy’s condition is simply too fragile to prioritise higher wages for MPs.

“The feelings of our public is probably more rooted in their scepticism about us as politicians and their mistrust of all of us as politicians,” Davis said.

And rightfully so.

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2 Comments on “Deputy PM: Pay MPs More So They Stop Stealing From You

  • Here is a government admitting to it’s people that they steal their tax money because of corruption and greed as the people suffer. Pay them more so they can steal more, does your country know the meaning of the word “greed”? Can a country be so full of dumb ass people, they tell you their stealing from you and you guys are at each others throats instead of at theirs? Stupidity such as this deserves their own government to crap all over them, cowards you all are. Oh, I forgot, there are no real men in the Bahamians, only women and children abusers. A real man would stand up for his rights as a human being.

  • Stupid saying, you think? This whore mongering crook of theirs is telling you straight to your face that they are all corrupt and thieves. Telling you to your face, that if they don’t make enough money, they all turn to stealing. This is one of them, what more do you need to hear? Do you really think investors want to be part of this system, I know I don’t.


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