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step-ccThe case update, AML, developing new business and new markets, hacking, surveillance and data protection are just a few of the leading edge topics on offer at this year’s conference.

Some of the world’s foremost subject matter experts will gather at Atlantis Resort in Nassau May 12 – 14, 2014 to provide state of the art updates and pragmatic working advice to trust professionals in the region and throughout the world.

Just a sample of the agenda:

The Nassau Lecture – Global Shell Games: Experiments in Transnational Relations
*  Sponsored by Lennox Paton
*  Jason Sharman – Griffith University Australia

Power and Politics: How Small State IFCs Should Respond to Recent G20 and OECD Initiatives.
*  Prof. Avinash Persaud, Intelligence Capital

Automatic Information Exchange – Keeping Global Markets Safe
*  Donal Godfrey, OECD

What Now? Survival and Adaptation Strategies for Caribbean IFCs
*  Sean McWeeney QC, Graham Thompson & Co.

From Where We Sit …
*  The ever-changing regulatory landscape has led providers of financial services to sacrifice what was once a sacred cow. Confidentiality has become the “bête noir” for revenue collectors everywhere. The global financial crisis changed the world forever. Do you know where the goal posts are? Ryan Pinder, tax lawyer and Minister of Financial Services of The Bahamas discusses the rules, the end game and strategies for winning.
*  Ryan Pinder, Minister of Financial Services, The Bahamas

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