Atlantis Owners Worried About Out-of-Control Crime in The Bahamas

Monday 02nd, June 2014 / 11:51 Published by

nassau-bahamas-cruise-tourism-crime-signAtlantis President George Markantonis said the resort’s owners have expressed concern about the level of crime in the country and the impact various crime warnings could have on the industry.

“They read the same newspapers we read. They have the same Google alerts we have,” Markantonis told The Nassau Guardian yesterday during an interview at the resort. “These are things we talk about.”

His comments came after the release of the U.S. Department of State 2014 Crime and Safety report, which details escalating levels of violent crime in New Providence.

“Crime has definitely come up,” Markantonis said.

As Brookfield Hospitality moves to refinance Atlantis’ debt, Markantonis said he is often called to answer questions relating to crime in the country.

“Their questions are, ‘How does the crime impact tourism?’” he said, referring to Brookfield executives. “And subsequently then, ‘How could it impact Atlantis in the future?’

“What are these warnings that they’ve read that sometimes are issued to cruise ship passengers? ‘What kind of impact could that have to people coming off the ship and visiting our locations?’

The Bahamas was recently ranked number one on a list of the ‘world’s most dangerous cruise destinations’, by

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  • Our country is headed for the worst time to come. The word is spreading like wild fire in the streets. The drug controlling gangs are going to have a confrontation like never before with each other. Armed better than the Bahamian police force, with AK-47’s and even a ground to air missile is what’s the news. If this gang war doesn’t wake up your government, than nothing will. People of the Bahamas, when the gangs start, DO NOT GO OUTSIDE! Don’t open the door for no one, don’t even look out your windows. If someone knocks on your door telling you it’s the police, DO NOT LET THEM IN! The pot is boiling uncontrollably, stay in the center of your house, put walls between you and any misguided ammunition. Your government has been issued a warning, but they are not taking it seriously. We Bahamians know what’s really going on, prepare yourselves for the worst to come.


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