Bradley Roberts Wants to Expose More Tax Cheats

Thursday 26th, June 2014 / 08:17 Published by

Most would consider it bizarre if, when asked to respond to an accusation that he lied, a man said: “What about my neighbor? He’s a thief.”

robertsYet time and again, this is the type of argument we hear from members of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). It seems whenever an official decision is questioned, a government appointment challenged, or information revealed that paints one of their inner circle in an unflattering light, the response from members of the governing party is: “The FNM’s mistakes while in office were just as bad, if not worse.”

The latest example of this came from PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts in response to the revelation that Dame Marguerite Pindling, widow of the country’s first Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling, had not paid real property tax on her Skyline Heights home in 14 years, and owed more than $300,000 to the treasury.

After the story broke, Roberts suggested the relevant documents were leaked by someone with an agenda, as Dame Marguerite, currently serving as deputy to the governor general, is widely speculated to be the next governor general of The Bahamas.

Saying the story “stinks” and questioning the media’s sense of dignity, Roberts

We could not agree more. The Guardian would be more than happy to take the PLP chairman up on this suggestion, and expand it to include all those who enjoy the public spotlight regardless of their political affiliation.

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  • First Prime Minister, so first to steal, we don’t owe them a damn thing! Dame Pindling in office, why don’t we just appoint a drug dealer into office too. We have to realize that if this was anyone of us, we would be in jail in a heart beat. We allow these bandits to steal and oppress us every time we vote. Our independence has allowed our own kind to enslave us with their greed. I know people in my neighborhood that are eating canned dog food to survive, while these leaches rob us of our own taxed money.


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