Is The Bahamas Preparing For Ebola?

Thursday 16th, October 2014 / 08:20 Published by

ebola-caribbean-johnmooreCan the Ministry of Health please inform us, the Bahamian people, as to

1) when a Chief Medical Officer will be officially appointed and operational; and

2) mobilization plans for the country to combat this deadly disease, seeing as its potential to reach our shores is merely a few hours’ plane ride away.

This is an extremely serious threat which we seem to be ignoring!

Pam Burnside

Photo by John Moore (via Getty Images)


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  • Hello B2B news,
    There is a rumor that Carnival cruises had a Liberian man with a very high fever and was rushed to the nearest hospital, Nassau, is this true? On this morning there is a conformation that there is a passenger been held in quarantine and all other passengers are being held on board the ship. Please e-mail me back or make a comment as we are very concerned about this rumor. Thank you for your time and service…….Dolan


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