Death – by Dennis Dames

Monday 10th, November 2014 / 08:14 Published by

We are souls on a journey
…in life so temporary
Making our exclusive marks
…for better or worse

We live for a purpose
…the reward’s on the other side
With our brand of meaning and function
We’ll be known by our works

Heaven’s a destiny
…hell’s a choice
Praise God!
…or otherwise perish

Death’s every second
…it’s real and sure
For me and you
…the judgement await

I want to praise my redeemer
…’til eternity withers
In praise and song
…all the days long

Death is the ultimate transformation
…for the rich and poor
…wise and foolish
…believers and skeptics
…and the heathens and atheists

So, I prepare to meet my maker
…one day at a time
And I’m happy about tomorrow
…as my soul is right in Jesus’ name



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