Vacationing Doctor Slain on Long Island

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The family of a long-time B.C. doctor says he was stabbed to death on Thursday while on vacation in the Bahamas.

Geoffrey Harding, 88, had a long and distinguished medical career that took him across B.C.

On Thursday, his family received a call from Bahamian authorities telling them Harding had been killed during a home-invasion robbery the previous night.

“We’re trying to come to grips with all the issues in front of us,” Thor Pruckl, his son-in-law, told CBC.

“He was an exceptional person, very caring, and there wasn’t a wicked bone in his body,” Pruckl added. “Incredibly nice person. To have something like this happen to him here is despicable.”

Harding regularly visited the Bahamas since buying property there in the 1960s.

Harding’s family said after starting a practice in rural Saskatchewan, he worked in Vancouver, on Gabriola Island and in Northern B.C. He only retired in the past decade.

CBC News has contacted police in the Bahamas to confirm details of Harding’s death, but have not received comment.

Bahamian media reports say a 43-year-old man was arrested late Saturday night in connection with the death, which occurred in the area of Clarence Town, Long Island.

Source: CBC News

Caption: Long-time B.C. doctor Geoffrey Harding, pictured, was stabbed to death on Thursday while on vacation in the Bahamas.


4 Comments on “Vacationing Doctor Slain on Long Island

  • While we are extremely grieved at such an horrific and heinous crime especially for one who has contributed to the welfare of humanity, its really sad that his memory is smeared by such hate.

    Let’s pray for Mr. Harding’s family. Pray for their comfort.

    And pray for us. Countries everywhere are faced with terrible acts of violence; senseless crimes, unspeakable; like the violence in Paris on Friday that shocked the world.

    Lets together strive to be better human beings.

  • Leslie Miller for PM,China's dancing monkey

    This story is being broadcasted on world medias around the globe. Why, because your government controlled newspapers tried to keep it hidden from the public. So we’re making sure every knows how corrupted your country is and not to visit, invest, or acknowledge that it even exist. And with the help of non stop government scandals on your part, illegal guns brought in by the ship loads,black outs, murders, robberies, you name it, we predict a civil war will soon take place. When it becomes so unlivable in the Bahamas, than finally the Bahamians will do something about it. If not, China will own 70% of the Bahamas by 2022, and you will be either executed, sent to a Chinese work camp on the mainland, or made to serve them. And with the great reputation Bahamians have on work, I think they will probably execute you. If you think this is some kind of joke, think again, the joke is on you, because we see, and hear everything.

    • Everything this person is saying is coming true, our country is definitely headed for a civil uprising, it is clear as day. I hear people talking about it in the food stores, banks, even when I pick up my kids at school the other moms are talking about it. The PLP should leave this country while they can, if they win the up coming election, you know it’s bought for, people are going to lose their minds. I tell you child, if they win the election blood will fill the streets of Nassau. Every one I know is going to vote against them, not one person I know or talked to is the stores said they will never vote for them again.


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