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New program for maintenance staff development

The Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) wrapped up the inaugural exam for its recently launched Maintenance Promotion Assessment Program (MPAP) with five technicians achieving success thus gaining greater upward mobility.

NAD employs a 46-strong maintenance staff encompassing such technical trades as electricians, plumbers, heating ventilation and air condition (HVAC) experts and baggage handling system (BHS) technicians.

“The purpose of implementing the Maintenance Promotion Assessment Programme and annual, voluntary exams was to develop a progressive process that would allow employees to be in command of their careers.” explained Kevin McDonald, NAD’s Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering.

The successful candidates were promoted after demonstrating “strong knowledge” of their specific area of work.

Foster Lloyd, HVAC technician and Mardio Bastian, BHS technician passed their exams with distinction. They were promoted to technical levels three and two, respectively.

Brent Stubbs, BHS technician and Reynard Miller HVAC technician both passed with credit and were promoted to technical level three. Ishmael Francis, BHS technician and the most senior person within the group was promoted to technical level four.

“I am very proud of each of these individuals who exhibited a sense of confidence and courage and have had a successful outcome. We place a high priority on employee development. There is ample opportunity for upward mobility and advancement for those who are willing to take up the challenge,” said NAD’s President & CEO, Vernice Walkine.

NAD has five levels of technicians whose job it is to keep the state-of-the-art $409.5 million Lynden Pindling International Airport well maintained.

Employees at levels one through three were tested on their technical competency on the various systems they work on daily.

With the assistance of NAD’s Human Resource Department a supervisory training curriculum was designed for tech levels four and five, who were examined to determine their leadership and management skills in order to prepare them for the next level, that of technical supervisor.

“Even though the evaluation process is trade-specific, it is airport centric. The systems we have here at the airport are unique and in most instances cannot be found anywhere else in the country or region,” Mr McDonald explained.

“If we are going to assess our team members it is not necessarily a situation where there is some off-the-shelf type test which we could readily implement. This is why our management team had to come together to innovate and formulate something new.”

In many organizations, Mr McDonald pointed out, a vacancy is often required for there to be a promotional opportunity and subsequently, employees must compete for the post.

“With this model, the path to upward mobility is clear and dependent only upon the abilities of the employee. You are really in charge of your own destiny,” he said.

The five newly promoted workers received their promotion and pay increase effective immediately. Going forward, the exam will be held every June. It is open to all Maintenance and Engineering Department employees looking for upward mobility and who have satisfied the required criteria, specifically years of relevant work experience and the performance appraisal benchmark for their level.

“In the wake of the examination process and promotions it’s like a fire has spread through the organization,” said Mr McDonald. “The maintenance and engineering department is motivated, engaged and excited. One participant said he feels special and grateful that he had been afforded the opportunity to participate in this. At the end of the day that’s priceless.”

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Caption: NAD’s President & CEO, Vernice Walkine and Kevin McDonald, NAD’s Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering, pose with the first successful participants in the inaugural Maintenance Promotion Assessment Program (MPAP). From left to right (front row): Mardio Bastian, Ms Walkine, Mr McDonald and Ishmael Francis; (back row) Foster Lloyd and Reynard Miller. Missing is Brent Stubbs.


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