Foolish Fred Wrong Again

Friday 12th, May 2017 / 09:03 Published by

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Fred Mitchell, just prior to losing his seat in the election,  charged that the Free National Movement’s (FNM) decision to use former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham in its election campaign is a “strategic mistake”.  Wrong again Freddie.


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  • Fred Mitchell is a closed closet living racist bitter angry homosexual dancing queen who lets his hate blind him so much that he even oppresses his own people without regret. His words are taken with a grain of salt in Bahamaland, no one believes him, and no one likes him. Even his church members don\’t like him, and I\’m one of them, no one will sit with him or near him; we know he is a homosexual lust driven demon who does Satan\’s work in the form of a human. Go far far away Fred, you are not welcomed in our country or our church, and especially the Fox Hill pool where are defend less children roam. You are a treasonous PLP bastard who should be thrown in jail for your comments against our country and leader.


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