2008-10-21 02:19:13
Another Gay Man Butchered in Nassau, Bahamas
Former dancer and personal trainer Paul Whylly was found dead in his car with multiple stab wounds about the body early yesterday morning near the South Beach Pools, off East Street South.

Whylly's death brought the national murder count to63 for the year.

A passer-by made the gruesome discovery while walking through a track road near the pools and alerted authorities, police reported.

"Police responded and met the lifeless body of a man found with multiple stab wounds about the body. E.M.S. personnel prounced the victim dead at the scene," Assisstant Superintendent Walter Evans said.

Whylly was found in the driver's seat leaning to the paasenger side of a white right-hand drive Honda Civic registration #967081.

The deceased, aged in his late 30s or early 40s, was dressed in a yellow floral shirt and blue jean trousers. It appears that the victim may have been in that position for over six hours, Evans added.

Police, said the perpetrator may have also been injured as blood splatters were found along the road up to 30 feet away from where Whylly's body was found.

"Whoever he was, that person got injured," one of the investigating officers told The Guardian.

He made that statement shortly after police found the trail of blood leading away from the crime scene.

Family members of the murdered victim declined to talk to The Guardian yesterday.

However, Archdeacon J Ranfurly Brown, who knew the victim and visited relatives as they got word of the news, bemoaned the high levels of crime in the country.

"Crime in this country is ridiculous and we have to find the solution to deal with it because it is becoming more and more of a concern of families everywhere. We have to find the solutions and find the right agencies that would promote the kinds of things that would cause it to disappear," Brown said.

"I think the church has a responsibility to deal with it and more of our churches need to open up their facilities to provide the necessary and relevant programs to deal with the needs of our young people and cause things to happen in a different way," he added.

Friends of Whylly described him as a "great dancer".

During his time, he was one of the best in The Bahamas," said a friend.

Whylly, who danced in the Cabaret Show, performed in The Bahamas and in the United States. He was also a personal trainer at several gyms including Bally's and Gold's Gym.

By Krystel Rolle
Nassau Guardian
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