2009-08-10 07:08:56
Marital Rape Law Has Fools Rushing Into Debate
Workers Party Leader and sexist chauvinist Rodney Moncur, who appeared on a talk show hosted by tax-dodging Wendall Jones, said Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and his cabinet should all be condemned for even attempting to suggest that rape could occur within a marriage.

"This bill is evil," he said.

That's his opinion. My opinion is that Mr Moncur is an ignorant jackass. And I guess we are all entitled to our opinions.

As Bahamian law now stands, a man who has intercourse with his wife without her consent is not charged with rape.

But the Bahamas government is seeking to change this and recently introduced an amendment to the Sexual Offences Act that seeks to amend the law by removing the present provision, which exempts spouses from being charged with rape when they have sexual intercourse with a spouse without his or her consent.

Mr. Moncur, who said of his wife, "I own her," also said that based on Christian principles, a husband even has the right to control his wife.

His ridiculous attitude was echoed by another self-proclaimed "Christian", Kingdom of Life Church pastor Cedric Moss.

Mr. Moss ignores the fact that when a woman is raped by a stranger it is a very traumatizing experience. When she is abused and raped by her husband she is then forced to live with the rapist, creating an untenable situation in some cases.

"Pastor" Moss also speaks of the husband "having authority over the body of his wife".
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