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Wednesday 05 August 2020  
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 Bahamas News: Tourism

Minister Wants High Standards – January 0-, 2006 – 06: 1
Nepotism and cronyism are the basis for hiring at Bahamas Tourism offices around the world, leaving staff underqualified and inexperienced despite what Obie says.

Visitor Arrested On Drug Charges Gets Heavy Fine – January 0-, 2006 – 06: 1
Unlike Bahamians, who get caught with tons of cocaine and who get off with a slap on the wrist.

The US Is A Sovereign Country Too – January 0-, 2006 – 05: 1
It looks like the 'sovereign country' rap, that was used to justify the anti-American rhetoric being spewed by Fred Mitchell and his corrupt PLP cronies, bit them in the butt.

Airport Passengers Forced To Enter Like Dogs – January 0-, 2006 – 04: 1
In one of the most disgraceful examples of Bahamas tourism at its worst, passengers arriving at Nassau's airport had to enter the terminal building on all fours through a luggage conveyor belt.

Tourism Losses Possible – January 0-, 2006 – 04: 1
Caribbean tourism officials whine about the new US passport law, despite having had three years to prepare for it and after already being given a one-year delay.

Grand Bahama Saved By US Kindness – January 0-, 2006 – 04: 1
U.S. pre-clearance facility to continue operations on Grand Bahama despite concerns about it being a costly operation.

New Campaign To Target Canadian Visitors – January 0-, 2006 – 04: 1
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism continues with the absurd practice of targeting a new 'niche' market every week, trying to make up for the huge drop in US tourists due to high prices and lousy service.

Conference Attracts Environmentalists – January 0-, 2006 – 04: 0
Some 60-plus persons from across The Bahamas converged on Grand Bahama over the weekend for a 'Save the Bahamas' conference.

Bahamas Visitors At Risk of Crime and Terrorism – January 0-, 2006 – 03: 1
Expert says the lack of police and security presence in key locations is leaving visitors to the Bahamas at risk from terrorist activities as well as domestic crime.

Bahamas Addressing Tourist Dollar Drain – January 0-, 2006 – 03: 1
Tourist arrivals to The Bahamas are dropping and the money that trickles down from tourism is dwindling.

MOT Programme Hopes To Improve Service – January 0-, 2006 – 03: 1
Tourism officials hope to stem the harrassment of tourists in The Bahamas and the high number of visitor complaints.

Hotel Guests Leave Behind Their Colds! –  9-, 2006 – 30: 1
Next time you check-in into a hotel, make sure you don't touch the objects around, for chances are you might just end up receiving an 'infectious gift' from the room's previous occupant.

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