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Gas Station Traffic Jams - 3-, 2003 – 12: 1
Rumours spark frantic rush to the pumps

Gas stations all over New Providence experienced traffic jams yesterday as motorists, alarmed over rumours of rising gas prices and shortages, were frantic to fill their tanks.

Government issued a statement yesterday, asking motorists to remain calm and assuring them that there was no cause for concern.

It became apparent later in the day that the rumours of a strike were just that. Drivers continued to queue at the gas stations because they were afraid there would be no gas left after the ruch.

Massive traffic jams were reported in the east, west and south, in some cases forcing managers to head to the pumps to help fill the numerous tanks.

Reidar Karlstrud, Shell Bahamas country chairman, said, "The island is well supplied, we just got a ship in and ESSO just got another ship in. Texaco is also well stocked up because we got products from the same ship, and I think ESSO has another one coming in."

Source: The Tribune