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Magic Star In $56.5Mil Exuma Resort Row - 2-, 2004 – 02: 1
A Bahamian resort island in the Exumas, which is on the market for a record $56.5 million, is at the middle of a legal fight between its owners and the famous magician and illusionist, David Copperfield.

John Melk, the co-founder of the Blockbuster video rental chain, and his wife have filed a lawsuit in Las Vegas against Mr. Copperfield, alleging that he attempted to defraud them over Musha Cay's sale.

However, Mr. Copperfield's attorney Bruce Laxalt, responded by claiming the Melks had agreed to sell Musha Cay and two nearby islands to the magician's Imagine Nation Company and that his client had used the services of a third party to negotiate the deal.

Mr. Copperfield, he added, had been worried that the Melks were "seeking to exploit" his status as a celebrity and were seeking an unrealistic price.

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