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Brent Malone Dies - 2-, 2004 – 26: 1
Prolific Bahamian artist, Brent Malone passed away yesterday afternoon at Doctor's Hospital after a massive heart attack. He was 62.

He began his career as an apprentice at the Chelsea Pottery. He attended Don Russell's Academy of Fine Arts and the Ravens Bourne College of Art and Design in England. Mr. Malone traveled throughout Europe, North and Central America and the Caribbean and has mounted many one-man and group shows since returning home from college in the mid 1960's.

He gained tremendous popularity through his work in the photo realist vein. In particular, his realistic paintings of Junkanoo masqueraders in action have won wide acceptance with the Bahamian public. A versatile artist, Mr. Malone was capable of powerful, abstract expressions. In the 1970's, he maintained a small, but active gallery called Matinee on Bay Street. Later, during the 1980's, he opened The Temple on East Bay Street and in recent years displayed his art at Marlborough Antiques.

Mr. Malone's work is distinctive. His style is easily recognized and well represented in most Bahamian collections. A highly accomplished painter, he displayed high skill as a realist, though his work moved more toward expressionism.

His subjects have ranged from seascapes to character studies, to powerful realist depictions of the Junkanoo catharsis. He has explored flora in macro-photographic detail.

Mr. Malone's formidable talent has also found expression through the media of etching and print making, which he studied in New York.

He has played a major role as a catalyst and gallery operator assisting other artists to achieve recognition.

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