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Police Investigate Arson On Plane - 4-, 2004 – 03: 0
A team of detectives has flown into Rum Cay to probe an arson attack that destroyed a $300,000 plane at the island's new airport

Islanders believe the aircraft was set ablaze as a result of a bitter land row which is tearing the island apart.

One told The Tribune last night: "It is a shock. It has stunned us all. It is a terrible thing."

The plane belonged to American Rob Little, whose family has lived on Rum Cay for many years. He had only just taken delivery of the aircraft and flown it in from America.

But during the night someone set it on fire - and when the island's only policeman dashed to the scene the following morning he found a smouldering wreck.

Mr. Little is a shareholder in Summer Point Marina, which has been selling residential lots on the island. There is also a goup involved in development schemes headed by a Cuban-American. In addition others are involved in land sales.

But islanders claim some deals are causing unrest amid allegations of bad title and lack of permits.

One Rum Cay source said: "We feel this fire was the result of bad blood."

Prime Minister Christie recently announced an agreement with UK investors, Montana Holdings to develop 870 acres of land near Port Nelson, Rum Cay consisting of a hotel, casino, marina and homesites.

Now islanders fear the combination of big development and increased private land sales will change the nature of their tiny paradise and attract undesirables.

Source: The Tribune