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Riot at Detention Centre - January 2-, 2004 – 11: 1
Bahamas government tries desparately to cover-up the abuse at the detention centre.

Cuban detainees rioted and set fire to a dorm at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre while launching an escape bid yesterday morning.

The uprising happened less than 24 hours after a report by police investigating allegations of torture and abuse was made public. The report, which appeared to be a typical Bahamian "non-investigation" stated that there was no evidence of physical abuse at the facility. A statement that insiders say was obviously a lie and a cover-up.

"Everybody knows what is really going on there but the government doesn't want these problems to get out to the international press," an insider said.

Police and Defence Force officers were forced to fire rubber rounds to subdue the rioting detainees. As a result of the disturbance 11 Defence Force officers and nine detainees were injured. Two detainees were treated in hospital with injuries caused by the rubber rounds.