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Haitian Birth-Rate Fears - 8-, 2005 – 31: 1
Doctor claims that 90 per cent of births at PMH are to non-Bahamian parents.

Fears that Haitians in Nassau are producing children at a much higher rate than Bahamians grew yesterday as alarming birth figures were revealed by concerned medical staff.

More than 90 per cent of births at Princess Margaret Hospital are to non-Bahamian parents, a concerned doctor told Teh Tribune. And the vast majority are Haitians.

The massive imbalance sparked the concern that the Bahamas could be heading for a Miami-type situation, where hispanics now have such a hold that Spanish has become the dominant language of commerce.

Last night, concerned Bahamians expressed fears that Creole would soon become the second language of the Bahamas, with merchants and government institutions having to introduce it to survive.

The doctor claimed that of the 96 live births recorded at PMH during August, only three were Bahamian babies.

Source: Rupert Missick, The Tribune