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2003-03-05 17:57:55

Shock At Pindling Allegations

Assistant Supt. Miller claims accused made murder link

Serious allegations were made in Supreme Court yesterday linking Obie Pindling to the 1996 shooting death of then Club 601 manager, Joyanne Cartwright.

The court heard from assistant superintendent of police, Glen Miller, who contended that during an interview with murder accused, Ashley Newbold, Newbold said, "Obie Pindling owed me, because I was there when he killed Joyanne Cartwright at her apartment in 1996."

According to Mr. Miller, he had previously spoken with Obie Pindling, son of the late Lynden Pindling, former prime minister, and Basil Dean, then head of the Criminal Investigation Department.

On June 3, 2001, the senior officer said he conducted an interview with Newbold. Mr. Miller said that when cautioned and questioned about complaints made by Obie Pindling, Newbold responded, "That did not go like that, this involves some serious business, some serious people, so before I say anything, I would like to call my attorney." He was referring to attorney Desmond Bannister, and stated that, "Bannister is the only person I can trust to hear what I am about to tell you."

Newbold told Mr. Miller that; "this whole thing is about cash that Obie Pindling owed me, because I was there when he killed Joyanne Cartwright at her apartment in 1996."

Mr. Miller cautioned the accused and told him he would prefer to conclude the interview because, "these were serious allegations he was making," and he would like to contact the investigating officer.

After a five-year probe Ashley Newbold was charged with Joyanne Cartwright's death on December 21, 2001.

Police reports allege that on December 20, 1996, Newbold, being concerned with another murdered Ms. Cartwright, who was shot to death, receiving nine bullet wounds, many in the chest.

Source: Danielle Stubbs, The Tribune

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