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2003-03-06 02:50:23

Mitchell Denies Calling German Investor 'Stupid'

The web site that Mitchell allegedly no longer runs made false statements and derogatory comments regarding foreign investor

Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs has categorically denied referring to German investor, Harald Fuhrmann as "stupid" on a web site formerly titled After Mr. Mitchell became a minister in May, 2002, the web site was changed to, although it still contains the archives of the old site which ran under his name.

This web site,, featured derogatory comments about Mr. Fuhrmann, calling him "bitter" and referring to him as a "stupid man". It also erroneously stated that Mr. Fuhrmann had refused to take his matters to court. Mr. Mitchell said that he had "never written such words."

The Minister's statement came as Mr. Fuhrmann stepped up pressure in his near ten year wrangle with the Bahamas legal profession.

He has now emailed 900 journalists world-wide to highlight the infamous corruption and inefficiency among Bahamian attorneys, stating that foreign investors are being treated badly by the profession.

Mr. Fuhrmann has been particularly incensed by an email he received from a Bahamian saying foreigners are now being "ripped off" in return for what they had done in the past.

The email said: "Bahamians, having gone through some tough lessons in their dealings with foreigners, have now learnt to do it to others in return."

Mr. Fuhrmann says that he has been subjected to great injustices due to inefficiency and corruption in the legal profession. He describes the behaviour of Bahamian attorneys as "primitive" and says it is jeopardising The Bahamas as a destination for tourists and investors. He has launched several web sites highlighting the "low moral standards" in The Bahamas.

"The Bahamas Investment Authority always declares The Bahamas has the 'right' climate for investments but those conditions are often spoiled by the poor attitudes and inefficient services of Bahamian lawyers." 

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