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2003-03-06 16:52:47

Pindling 'Paid Murder Accused'

The man accused of killing Joy Cartwright claims he was only a witness to her murder and he was paid off.

Ashley Newbold told the Supreme Court, yesterday, that he was paid only some of the money promised to him by Obie Pindling in 1996, after witnessing the shooting murder of Joyanne Cartwright.

It was revealed that Mr. Pindling and Ms. Cartwright, manager of Club 601 at the time, were "having problems", which resulted in Obie Pindling shooting Joy Cartwright nine times.

Assistant Police Superintendent Glen Miller, whose testimony on Tuesday revealed startling evidence in this high profile case, continued his testimony yesterday before Justice Ricardo Marques. Miller claimed that Newbold named Obie Pindling as the murderer in an interview at his office on June 3-4.

Newbold had told Mr. Miller and Detective Insp. Clayton Fernander, "Man, officer, let me tell you all what gone down there. Obie and me were there but I did not shoot her, it was Obie what shoot her, cause they were having some problems."

Mr. Newbold continued, "Obie give me some money, but he still owe me some money."

Source: Danielle Stubbs, The Tribune 

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