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2003-03-07 17:17:53

Shocking Allegations In Cartwright Murder Case

Pindling allegedly met with "Ninety" Knowles; it is also alleged that he purchased the murder weapon

More startling evidence was revealed in the Supreme Court today in the high profile murder trial of the man accused of killing Joyanne Cartwright.

This morning, the court heard more testimony from Detective Inspector Clayton Fernander, who took the written statement of the accused, Ashley Newbold on June 4, 2001, linking prominent attorney and son of former Prime Minister, the late Sir Lynden Pindling to Cartwright's murder.

According to Mr Fernander, Newbold said he first spoke with Mr Pindling in the conference room of his law office and was later given a job as a messenger for the company.

Newbold reportedly told police that Mr Pindling was in love with Ms. Cartwright, and continued to see her despite pleas from his father to leave her alone.

Detective Fernander told the court that Newbold said Mr Pindling and Ms. Cartwright began to have serious problems. He said the accused also told police Mr Pindling then told him [Newbold] that he had a job for him, and the two of them drove to a beach where they met a young man known as 'Ninety.'

According to the written statement, Ninety asked Mr Pindling what he was going to do with the money Ms. Cartwright was going to bring, and Mr Pindling said that he [Mr. Pindling] would have to deal with her.

Detective Fernander also told the court that the accused said in his statement to the police that as he and Mr Pindling drove off, Mr Pindling said that he needed to kill Ms. Cartwright, and asked Newbold if he had a gun and a silencer.

The witness said Newbold told police that he told Mr. Pindling no, but assured him that he could get one if Mr Pindling would give him $1,100. Newbold also reportedly told police that Mr Pindling turned to him and said "Don't worry, we're in this together. They're going to believe it was her ex drug boyfriend." He reportedly also told police that Mr Pindling got him a white SD car, and for two weeks, he followed Cartwright from her job at Club 601, to her home.

The detective said Newbold said on the night of December 19, Mr Pindling told him to pick him up from a shopping centre and he said the two of then drove through a corner where Cartwright lived, and parked the car.

Detective Fernander said Newbold also reported that they then walked through a bush near Cartwright's home and pushed the fence up then entered Cartwright's apartment and waited for her to come home.

Detective Fernander told the court that Newbold told police that at around 3:30am, Cartwright, who was 24 at the time, opened the door and entered with her shoes in her hand. He said Newbold said Mr Pindling started shooting her, hitting her a number of times in the chest, without saying anything to her.

He said Newbold said he then dropped Mr Pindling back to the shopping centre. He said the next day, Mr Pindling gave him $5,000 and later on $700, Detective Fernander told the Court. He also testified that Newbold said he was only paid a portion of the money promised to him by Mr Pindling.

Desmond Bannister, who is the lawyer for the accused at the time of his arrest, was off the island on the night Newbold was pursuing him for counsel and refused to be represented by anyone else, because "he only trusted" Mr Bannister.

The court also heard testimony from another key witness in the trial, Melanie Bassett, who is the daughter of Ms. Cartwright's next-door neighbour.

Ms Bassett discovered Ms. Cartwright's body lying in the doorway of the apartment on the day in question. Her mother, Veronica Bassett has already testified.

By Rogan M. Smith, The Bahama Journal

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