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2003-03-12 18:01:04

Announcing The Bahamas Web Awards®!

In recognition of the growing Bahamian Internet community, is proud to present the First Annual Bahamas Web Awards, the first leading national honour for the best among Bahamian web sites.

It is not surprising that the Internet is becoming one of the primary venues for a growing number of Bahamians. Individuals, businesses and organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the enormous value and potential of the Internet.

Bahamas B2B is growing along with this huge community as they continue to expand their web site and the benefits it brings to The Bahamas. The growing Bahamian Internet community consists of personal pages, companies involved in all types of businesses, civic organisations and the government.

"It is our hope that the Bahamas Web Awards will help increase recognition for The Bahamas and Bahamian companies," says Matt Richards, Webmaster for BahamasB2B. "These awards will encourage quality web presence, promote education on web related issues, in addition to generating a certain amount of welcomed PR for all involved," he adds.

The Bahamas Web Award will be awarded to individuals and companies for web sites or pages created for, and by, Bahamian entities. The winners will be judged on the basis of five "strategic" criteria and five "creative" criteria including; content, visual design, functionality, innovation and whether the site has achieved its objectives.

Additional information can be found online at:

The top award will consist of an exclusive, custom designed trophy sculpted by world reknowned Bahamian artist, Antonius Roberts. All winners will receive an emblem they can post directly on their sites as well as a physical certificate of award. The winning site will be highlighted in the Bahamas B2B Newsletter, on the BahamasB2B and Bahamas Web Awards web sites, and notification of the awards will be passed along to various PR affiliates. Receiving the award will hopefully be a fine feather in an individual or company's cap!

BahamasB2B is proud to announce that beginning March 1, 2003, they have begun accepting nominations for this prestigious award! The first winners will be announced at a gala Bahamas Web Awards ceremony at the British Colonial Hilton in the Fall of 2003.

The Web Awards will come in two forms, the The Best of The Bahamas Web Award and the People's Choice Award. Categories will include:

Tourism Related: Sites dedicated to enhancing the promotion, sale or operational activities of companies that provide tourism related services, information or products. This includes hotels, resorts, tourist attractions, tourism organisations, restaurants, tour operators and other tourism related companies, travel agencies and tourism service providers. Sites can represent a corporate or product brand.

Non-Tourism Related: Sites that promote individuals, boutiques or firms specializing in non-tourism related products or services. This includes banks and financial institutions, manufacturers, service companies, retailers and wholesalers, churches, civic organisations, government sites, advertising and publishing companies, and all other entities that are not considered tourism oriented. Sites can represent a company or specific product or service.

Personal Pages: Sites designed and created as personal home pages with no commercial goals. The site could be designed and created by a professional or an amateur, but must be considered a home page with no connection to any business, government or civic organisations.

Amateur Designed Pages: Sites that are designed and produced by persons who are not involved in the web industry and who do not professionally create Web sites or Web graphics. The Web site must have been created by an amateur although the use of web building programmes is allowed.

Nominations will be accepted until 30 May, 2003. There is no charge to enter the contest. Entry forms can be found at:

Winning nominations are not required to be members of BahamasB2B. Judges will consist of at least two local members of the Bahamian Internet community, one Internet expert from abroad and one honorary judge recognized by the BahamasB2B Advisory committee. All decisions are final.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Information on sponsorship fees and benefits can be found at: 

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