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2003-03-13 20:02:01

German Investor Hits Back At Tribune Columnist

"It is superficial to publish commentaries without doing proper research," he said of Andrew Allen

The German investor at war with Bahamian lawyers yesterday lashed out at Tribune columnist Andrew Allen - himself an attorney - calling Allen's criticism of him "superficial and insulting."

Harald Fuhrmann, who now runs several web sites attacking corruption and inefficiency in the Bahamian legal system said, "It is superficial to publish commentaries without doing proper research."

And he said some comments in Allen's column on Monday were "insulting" with the effect of generating negative thoughts among foreigners towards the Bahamian population.

Mr. Fuhrmann, who has been at odds with Bahamian attorneys for ten years over the mishandling of a property dispute, was criticised by Mr. Allen for his persistent anti-Bahamas web site campaign.

Mr. Allen, writing of the investor's "hateful" campaign, said Mr. Fuhrmann was a man who could no longer be taken very seriously.

But Mr. Fuhrmann said from Germany, "Fair treatment in disputes has to be called for if people are to speak of your country less in terms of of beinga haven for criminals and corruption and more in terms of having a healthy respect towards foreigners, and as a country practising justice and fairness."

Mr. Fuhrmann added, "Terms such as 'lawyer' and 'judge' should acquire their true meaning in The Bahamas again."

The investor believes the long wrangle with lawyers has now taken on a "political tone" but he said he would resist becoming a victim of the state's apparatus and legal system "with all my strength."

He said there was no doubt the Bahamian legal system had been "anything but fair and just in its dealings with me."

Source: The Tribune

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