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2004-01-27 10:54:54

Shock As Movie Makers Sink Plane By Coral Reef

Movie makers are apparently causing potentially irreplaceable damage to a coral reef off New Providence, environmentalists claimed yesterday.

Government advisers, environmental campaigners and scuba diving companies are "shocked" by the situation.

An old aircraft which was once parked outside the Nassau International Airport has been sunk by the film makersand one wing is resting on the reef.

The Douglas DC-3, which used to welcome travellers to the airport, has been acquired by the makers of the movie "Into The Blue", currently being filmed in New Povidence.

Earlier this month it was sunk off the south west coast of the island to form part of the movies underwater set.

It's not unknown in the Bahamas for planes and boats to be sunk for filming, or as attractions for divers but in this case, one of the plane's 36-foot wings is resting on top of a coral reef.

Source: Robert Bain, The Tribune 

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