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2004-02-04 10:27:16

BEST Commission To Examine Movie Location Use

The Bahamas Environment Science and Technology (BEST) Commission is to look into the use of underwater locations by the makers of the movie 'Into The Blue'.

To the surprise of the BEST commission and other environmentalists, the wing of a DC_3 airplane sunk by the movie-makers as part of their set was found to be supported by metal struts and ropes attached to a reef, despite the BEST commission saying this should not happen because of the risk of damaging coral and other sea life.

But Craig Woods, Bahamas Film Commission said the film crew positioned the plane in accordance with their permit, and that a representative of the BEST commission was present to ensure that everything was done properly.

BEST commission chairman Keod Smith said that he does not believe anyone intended to cause damage and that the moviemakers have been very cooperative in helping investigate the matter.

He added that with the Film Commission working so hard to persuade moviemakers to come to the Bahamas, a more structured policy is required on how they use the Bahamas' resources.

Source: Robert Bain, The Tribune 

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