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2004-04-21 16:11:12

We Must Oppose This Heinous And Despicable Plot

GOD knows this Paradise in which we live has suffered many indignities and insults at the hands of outsiders.

Let it never be said however that we have become a repository for the waste of the United States of America. It is true we sit in their backyard but we do not have to be their toilet.

I write out of sheer disgust and amazement having read the following penned by Associate Press writer Jennifer Postman reporting form Tallahassee Florida: "Under both proposals, liquid natural gas would be shipped to The Bahamas where it would be converted back to gas form and carried through the pipelines to Florida. Smaller pipes then would take it to power plants to meet regional electricity demands."

Is it any wonder that Governor Bush and his cabinet would agree to flush their mess in the most pristine waters of the world rather than in their precious and guarded domain of Florida? No. We must oppose this heinous and despicable plot even if we must do so with our last breath.

We love our native homeland as much or more than any American loves his America.

Put very simply, The Bahamas has nothing to gain from this devilish scheme, and without seeming to be melodramatic such an undertaking places Our Bahamas at the most perilous and unthinkable risks.

Hurricanes, floods, draughts, famines and other forms of pestilence may fade away. The doom that this devilishness forebodes for us is irreversible and damnable.

It must not happen. It will not happen. It cannot happen.

Our Bahamas, given to us in trust, must be handed down to our succeeding generations no less habitable and beautiful than it was when we inherited it - CLEAN and PRISTINE.

J Henry Bostwick
April 14, 2004
Letter To The Editor, The Tribune 

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