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2004-05-21 09:37:27

Arms 'Drug Lords Plot' To Blast US For Extraditions

The stash of military weapons that cops stopped from being shipped to the Bahamas from Miami may have been for drug dealers plotting to hit back at the US Embassy here.

Bahamian drug dealers are reportedly furious with the DEA and US officials here for pushing ahead so strongly with their bid to extradite top local drug lords. And US sources have alleged that drug dealers have been plotting to "teach the US a lesson not to interfere so much in the Bahamas' affairs".

The arms stash included three AK-47 rifles, five hand grenades and bullets. Bahamian and US cops arrested four persons in Miami for the arms. Not long ago, the DEA uncovered an alleged plot by jailed drug lord Dwight Major to try to buy a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) launcher. Major allegedly planned to fire the RPG at the US Ambassador's house here in the Bahamas.

The Punch
Monday, May 20, 2004 

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