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2004-05-24 09:09:41

Tourist's Rape Ordeal

A 21-year-old tourist who had been married just a week has told how she was viciously raped in her bed at her apartment on Paradise Island.

Yuslaidys Perez, a Cuban, has waived her right to anonymity and spoken exclusively to The Tribune in a bid to help catch the man who has left her "terrified" by her ordeal.

Despite arriving in the Bahamas in January to start a new life with her Canadian fiance, Ms. Perez has now left the country and returned to Cuba to recover from the horrifying events to which she was subjected.

On Tuesday May 11, exactly one week after she exchanged wedding vows in Nassau, and shortly before 10am, the offender broke into her one-bedroom apartment in Poinciana Villa through an open living room window.

"I knew he was going to rape me. I cried out 'please don't do this' but I knew he was going to."

Ms. Perez' husband, Mr. Klenje, a 46-year-old originally from Poland said, "The police are not doing enough. It's as if they don't really care about what happened. They came and took some fingerprints but didn't really do that properly. They would not let my wife see the man in custody."

The suspect is described as 6ft 2in tall of medium build aged 28-30 and weighing about 180-200 pounds.

Source: Tribune Exclusive, Adam Jankiewocz, The Tribune 

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