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2004-07-13 12:22:59

Anti-Gay Rally Warns The Prime Minister

''We've gotta fight this in Parliament because we've got too many sissies in Parliament.''

If Prime Minister Perry Christie allows the Rosie O'Donnell- sponsored gay cruise ship to visit the Bahamas, ''he would be the Prime Minister voted out by the people'', warned a wide-cross section of religious leaders on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a US television news brief Sunday morning announced that the Rosie O'Donnell cruise had left for the Bahamas.

Influential pastor, Dr Myles Munroe, suggested to government that they should ''say something fast'' on the Rosie O'Donnell gay cruise ship issue.

This was the sentiment shared by a number of pastors from several denominations who attended the ''Save The Bahamas Campaign'' Rally in Rawson Square on Sunday. Noticeably absent were representatives from the Bahamas Christian Council.

Police estimates put the crowd at about 500 persons, but the organisers hoped to get 50,000 Bahamians to sing petitions this week to be taken to parliamentarians to show the government how serious they are about what they deem to be a ''threat to the Bahamas'' family value system.

Apostle Christopher Russell of that Christian Tabernacle Church said Pastor Lenora Sands has made reference in her prayer to ''fighting this thing from the shores.''

''We've gotta fight this in Parliament because we\'ve got too many sissies in Parliament,'' he said. ''We've got to start in Parliament. Next election, we will not vote for sexually confused parliamentarians.''

Among those attending were organizers, Pastor Mario Moxey of Bahamas Harvest Church, Pastor Vaughan Miller, and Pastor Lenora Sands of Bethel's Restoration Revival Centre.

Source: Darnell Dorsette, The Tribune

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