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2004-07-15 10:22:13

Stubbs Loses Appeal

Holy Cross MP Sidney Stubbs lost his appeal against a bankruptcy order in the Appeals Court yesterday prompting the FNM to call for his resignation 'forthwith' and for a bye election to be called.

The Court of Appeal ruled that the law provides no right of appeal aganist a bankruptcy order. It dismissed Mr. Stubbs' application. But it said the Supreme Court's jurisdiction on the matter is not yet exhausted, and Mr. Stubbs may be able to ask for the bankruptcy order to be reconsidered.

As the House of Assembly meets this morning, there is once again a question mark over the PLP MP's seat.

The constitution required Mr. Stubbs to cease performing his functions as an MP when he declared bankruptcy on March 30. He was given an initial thirty days to deal with the matter, which has since been extended by the Speaker of the House. The extension can continue for a maximum of 150 days - until September 26.

Any extension after that would have to be given by a resolution passed by the House.

The constitution provides that if no further appeal is open to him, or if the appeal period has expired, "he shall forthwith vacate his seat".

Robert Bain, The Tribune 

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