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2004-07-19 09:26:46

Nine-Year-Old Was Murdered

Police are now certain that the boy whose body was found near his grandmother's home was the victim of foul play.

After receiving the results of an autopsy on 9-year-old Devon Knowles, the police have determined "beyond a shadow of a doubt" that the boy, whose body was found in bushes near his grandmas's home was murdered.

Officials were tight lipped about the conditions surrounding the cause of death.

Police Supt. Marvin Dames would not confirm whether Devon was molested but said there were signs that he received "injuries about the body".

Police have admitted they have no significant leads in locating the young boy's killers.

The four-day search for Devon ended in tragedy when his partially clothed body was found on June 26 in a bushy area near his grandmother's Rosedale Avenue home.

Supt. Dames said one of the reasons the autopsy took so long was because the police had to first determine that the badly decomposed body they found was indeed Devon's.

Devon was last seen on Wednesday, June 23 at 6am, when he allegedly went to play basketball at St. George's Park. He was found three days later in the bushy area. His trousers were found near his body.

Since then, Pastor Monica Paul, Devon's grandmother has publicy said that her grandson was brutally sodomized and murdered.

Community concern is heightened due to the five boys who were sexually molested and murdered in Grand Bahama last year. 

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