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2004-07-19 09:38:41

Woman Raped and Robbed in Home

Police express concern as the number of violent home invasions continue to increase.

A 49 year-old woman was raped and robbed in her own home by a naked man with plastic bags covering his feet and tied over his head.

The woman was alseep around midnight Saturday when she was awakened by the man standing beside her bed. He pulled up her nightdress and forced her to have sex with him, according to police reports.

The woman was also robbed of $820 in cash, which the rapist found after rumaging through her drawers and personal belongings.

Violent home invasions have been increasing in Nassau and New Providence and have now reached a crisis level. Police Supt. Marvin Dames said, "Home invasions have been a concern for us for some time. There are persons out there who enjoy going into people's homes and terrorizing them." 

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