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2004-11-12 19:14:48

Industry To Adopt “.travel” Internet Domain Name

An internet domain devoted to the travel industry is expected to become available next year.

The term “.travel' is due to be registered early in 2005 following technical and commercial negotiations between the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and New York-based Tralliance Corporation,which develops products to enhance online commerce between the travel industry and travellers.

The industry-sponsored .travel domain is being established to improve internet identity, increase adoption of online technology and enhance links between suppliers and their customers. This will lead to greater consumer confidence and increased e-commerce acitivity, Tralliance claims.

Tralliance is to administer the .travel registry and directory to provide a global online source of travel data.

The company will work with membership-based organisation The Travel Partnership Corporation (TTPC) in assisting to develop policy for .travel and handle the resolution of domain name disputes. Members of TTPC include the American Society of Travel Agents, the World Travel & Tourism Council, IATA, and the Pacific Asia Travel Association.

Tralliance president and chief executive Ronald Andruff said: “ Travel spending accounts for more than 28% of all online transactions and the travel industry accounts for more than 11% of the world's economy, so the time for a .travel domain has clearly arrived.

“This platform will give customers greater confidence and provide a simpler and more reliable way of doing business for travel suppliers and sellers.'

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